How children feel about themselves is so important, especially in todays climate.

Positive affirmations can benefit children by boosting their mental wellness, developing a growth mindset, boosting self esteem, self confidence and self worth as well as helping them to develop how they speak to others.

How do you use them?


There is several ways you can use them, choose one daily (this could be apart of a morning or evening routine) and repeat the affirmation every day for 21 days and then move onto the next one. Alternatively, choose a different affirmation card every day (there is enough for 2 weeks worth and repeat this process 21 times. Speaking the affirmation out loud is key for imbedding into the subconscious mind.


These are also perfect for teachers to use with students.


Check out our adult affirmation cards too.


A deck of 14 individually A6 designed cards

Children/Junior Affirmation Cards